The Bathroom Refinishing Process

How does the Bathroom Refinishing Process work?

The surface refinishing process is when we apply a fresh coat of enamel to your acrylic, cast iron, fibre glass or ceramic bathroom surface. Rejuvenating the look and feel of your bathroom, laundry or wet area.

resurfacing bathroom before and after

Step 1 - Repairing, Sanding & Etching

• Remove existing hardware (taps, screens, handles)

• Remove old silicone

• Scape entire surface

• Sanding & etching (depending on surface type)

• Repair of any cracks or chips

• Re-grouting (for tiled surfaces)

Bathroom refinishing repairing

Step 2 - Preparing & Cleaning

• Alkaline wash entire surface

• Final surface wash

• Room preparation/masking to protect all other surfaces

Bathroom refinishing preparing

Step 3 - Application

• One Coat of Adhesion Promoter

• Two Coats of Ultra Grip Primer

• Three Coats of Polyurethane Enamel

Bathroom refinishing application

Step 4 - Finishings

• Re-fit hardware/screens/fittings

• Re-silicone wet areas

• Den-nib & polish surface

• Clean entire work site

Bathroom refinishing final product

We also do Kitchen Resurfacing!