The Kitchen Refinishing Process

How does the Kitchen Refinishing Process work?

The surface refinishing process is when we apply a fresh coat of enamel to your acrylic, cast iron, fibre glass or ceramic kitchen surface. Rejuvenating the look and feel of your kitchen benchtops and cabinets.

Kitchen refinishing before and after

Step 1 - Preparing & Sealing Off The Work Area

• Cabinet doors & draw fronts are removed.

• Every surface not being sprayed is masked up and protected, this includes covering floor in ramboard.

• We create a ‘spray booth’ in your house, using a small plastic frame and large plastic sheets, sealing off the working area from the rest of your home.

• Finally we set up extraction fans for fume extraction.

• All surfaces are then machine sanded, chips are repaired and everything gets degreased.

Kitchen refinishing preparation

Step 2 - Application

• Primer three coats (sprayed).

• Pick up more imperfections after this & sand primer.

• 3 coats of 2 pack, satin, semi or gloss finish.

• Cabinet doors & draw fronts removed in Step 1 undergo the same prep and application process above, just offsite (out of your home).

Kitchen refinishing application

Step 3 - Finishings

• Unmask room & clean up.

• Return with all doors & draws and
install back on kitchen.

• People generally choose new handles
for the doors which we install.

Kitchen refinishing final product

We also do Bathroom Resurfacing!