All Surface Refinishing Services

All Surface Refinishing Services include just about any surface you can think of. Here’s a list of common surfaces we rejuvenate.

The Approach

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Surface Refinishing

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Chip Repair

We offer chip and crack repairs on enamel-coated services.

Book a free quote to speak with us about repairs and how we can save your from buying a new sink or basin.

All Surface Refinishing Services - Chip Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we absolutely do!

Years! If taken care of, a newly revitalized surface will last a decade or more.

All of our products are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) meaning a more sustainable solution, and less harmful to the environment.

There is a smell present while the resurfacing process takes place (similar to nail polish remover) but that dissipates over night. We do recommend keeping young children & anyone with asthma away from the property the day of resurfacing.

– DO use a soft micro-fibre cloth or sponge to clean the surface

– DO use mild soaps like dishwashing soap (great degreaser and will remove soap-scum)

– DO try to keep the area dry whilst not in use

– DON’T use abrasive cleaners, or harsh sponges and brushes

– DON’T use bleach (unless you are 100% sure to rinse it all off, as bleach cause yellow stains)

– DON’T leave things like shampoo bottles, soaps, razors etc sitting in one spot for long periods of time  without wiping away liquids

How It Works

Learn about the entire process in detail, from start to finish.

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